No Words: dedicated to the graduating class of 2012

I’m a poet.
You all know it.
But I have no words.

It may sound absurd,
And a little cliche,
But I have no words,
Only feelings today.
I wanted to write something,
Special for you.
Something funny, profound,
Inspirational too.
But the moment is here,
You’re going away.
I feel like there’s so much,
I wanted to say.
But these few little rhymes,
These thoughts of mine,
Aren’t enough to sum up,
All the good and bad times.

But you know it,
And I know it.

It’s hard to have no words,
When you’re a poet.

5 thoughts on “No Words: dedicated to the graduating class of 2012

    • Thanks, Ken! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to read it though, since I’ll probably start weeping. I might have to give it to a colleague to read.

        • Definitely. I’m such a cryer. When I found out that Janelle’s cat had to be put down I just cried and cried. She was so devastated, so sad. I couldn’t help myself, even though it wasn’t even my cat. Just thinking about it now chokes me up.

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