I have an off switch

I saw you on the bus, they say
As if they are surprised
To see me anywhere but school.

That’s where all the teachers
Are kept, you see.

After all the students leave
The caretakers shut us down
And lock us in a storage closet.

But being human and lazy
They sometimes send us on errands

Like to the supermarket.
So you might be taken by surprise
To see a teacher buying food

But we’re merely buying it
For a human caretaker

Operating us by remote control.
Everyone knows that teachers
Do not eat food.

Nor do we engage in any
Normal human behaviors

Such as sleeping, drinking, smoking,
Or having sexual intercourse.
And of course, being robots

We don’t have any real feelings
So feel free to be as cruel

As you like.

5 thoughts on “I have an off switch

    • Reminds of that Norah Jones song, “I’m just sitting here waiting for you to come on home and turn me on.”

      Of course my perspective is now changed. I recently wrote an article on the future of sex (which was a very strange rabbit hole to fall into) for Interplay Magazine. By doing so I found all about sex robots. They are real and as anatomically realistic as possible, apart from the cables protruding from their backs…

        • Here’s the website I looked at.


          It’s not as creepy and weird as the Japanese Honey Doll company, which is a bit more accommodating to its customers’ particular needs. If you cannot afford or simply do not wish to purchase a whole unit, you can simply buy the robot’s head and do with it whatever you wish.

          • Checked out that site. Er, not my thing. Can’t imagine it really. Still, I can see there could be a pretty big market for them. I see they’re coming out with a male model as well. The market for that could be even bigger. 😉

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