It certainly cannot be only me.  Granted, I do enjoy living in my bubble doing my thing, but I cannot be the only human being on this planet who finds certain people entirely tedious.

Maybe it’s middle age.  I have become very guarded about my time and how I invest it.  In the past, I had patience to deal with people.  Now, not so much.  Things should be simple, pleasant and even.  When things are not simple, pleasant and even, I find myself less willing to invest the time.  There is freedom to packing proverbial bags and moving on.

Anyone else feel this way?  I’m neither angry nor frustrated.  I’m just over it.

6 thoughts on “Tedium

  1. I feel that way sometimes. However, I think conflict and change are crucial for creativity and full happiness. Simple and even can get boring. It’s good to jump back in the rift on occasion.

  2. I hear the tedious people part. Life of course has its swings and curves, but people who are so wrapped up in themselves and their own drama, yawn. I don’t mean people who are actually going through something and need help or a shoulder, but people who are stuck in that pattern of whining, complaining, moaning. Fix it, or shut up about it.

    • I love a good self-imposed, first world problem! Nothing makes me feel better about my circumstances than someone banging on endlessly about turmoil they created on their own.

      Last week, I used the dreaded “accept personality responsibility” in an exchange with someone. I felt like a dirty Republican for totting out that line but in that instance, it was true.

      Between the “woe unto me, my life is so horrible” and the “wait? You took umbrage to my inappropriate tone and actions???” I’m about ready to pull up my picture of the street sign with our friend, the ostrich.

  3. I deal with tedious people on a daily basis. As a high school teacher, it’s part of my job. A big part actually. I’m really good at handling the most difficult students so the ones who cannot or will not manage them tend to dump them in my lessons.

    I don’t mind dealing with this tedium. Teenagers are easy to manage.

    Difficult and/or tedious colleagues is another matter entirely. The pack rat lady who brings plants to work and then won’t take responsibility for them (thus, they all shrivel up and die) is someone who used to really get under my skin. Still does to a certain extent. She’s the Post-It Queen at work too. Yeah. she’s the one who leaves dozens of post-it notes attached to things. That used to drive me crazy. One time I came in to work and there was a piece of paper on my desk with about a dozen post its stuck to it, her little messages for me. I almost threw it away but it was so priceless I kept it to show it to all my other colleagues.

    The latest incident happened only a couple of days ago. I guess it never occurs to her that the classrooms are shared by all the teachers. I arrived to teach my morning English lesson to find her teaching materials scattered all over the tecaher’s desk, and the white board covered with French words and phrases. She teaches French in that room after lunch, and apparently wanted to make sure it was all ready. Either she forgot or simply didn’t care that other subjects are taught in that room before lunch.

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