A wandering liturgy of sorts…..

And now is when it’s supposed to happen
Open the book, and spill myself out onto the page,
Explain my hypocrisy,
Write away my rage,
Offer up my innocence, insist upon my innocence,
Try to explain my innocence,
But not in a defensive, not in a defensive way,
Just trying to be factual,
Let you know what actually happened,
What I was thinking, what I was thinking,
What was I thinking?
Oh mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy me,
Help me to be, help me to be myself,
At one with myself,
Not trying to please everybody else,
Not trying to do what’s expected, don’t want to be rejected,
But I’ve got to learn that sometimes it’s okay,
A little rejection never hurt anyone, never hurt anyone,
Never killed anyone,
It’s good, it’s good, yeah it’s good
It’s good for the soul

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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