Is it pudding?
Or is it blood?
Pudding’s fun,
But this is crud!
This bloodpudding thing,
Is utter folly,
Like putting mudpie
On the desserts trolley,
Don’t mess about,
With words and food,
It’s disgusting,
And kind of rude,
Pudding’s a pleasure,
For which I’m weak,
But bloodpudding?
A monstrous freak!
Call things what they are,
Like mud that is pied,
Blood “pudding”
Is just blood fried!

3 thoughts on “BLOODPUDDING

  1. You know, I do not consider myself a picky eater at all, but Swedish blood pudding is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. It should not be confused with black pudding though, which is quite delicious.

    • We had a long discussion about it at work today where I insisted that it was a complete misuse of the word pudding, and my Swedish co-workers all said that no, it is a cultural difference. Call it what you will though, it’s disgusting.

      • Blood sausage seems a more appropriate thing to call it, but that’s something else and again, it tastes pretty good.

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