Very shortly I’ll be off,
To give some blood again,
They’ll ask some questions,
Do some tests,
Stick a needle in my vein,
Then pump and pump,
And pump and pump,
The crimson red shall flow,
I relax and squeeze a rubber ball,
Happy to let it go,
I’ll get a sandwich, juice and gift,
And then be on my way,
In about three months’ time,
I’ll come back another day,
And now they do a new thing,
That had me quite amused,
They send donors out an sms,
When their blood’s been used!


  1. Very commendable. I’m a bit surprised that they even let you donate blood since I’ve heard they have really stringent requirements, like being fluent in the language for one thing. My Swedish is pretty good, but I certainly wouldn’t consider myself fluent.

    • Haha, they have never asked about that, although all of the questions you have to answer (recent pharmaceutical use, new sex partners, out of country trips, new piercings or tattoos, etc.) are in Swedish. Interestingly enough, on the way home I met an old Swedish For Immigrants classmate on the subway. She told me that since she is from South America she is never allowed to give blood here. Period.
      When I first started donating in Sweden I just liked the idea that my blood was rolling around in Swedish people’s veins. 😉

    • Thanks very much Heaven. I liked your piece, “Spicy”, but was unable to post my comment. Some glitch with the letter identification thingamajig. It wouldn’t let me past. Love the piece though. Scotch and spice, that’s what little boys are made of!

  2. I tried to donate blood, really I did! Unfortunately, they told me it was way too sweet and I mean that literally. How was I supposed to know that diabetics who take oodles of meds make bad donors? I loved your piece and have attempted to write poems several times, but I just couldn’t. I write the longest short stories ever, but that seems to be the only way I can express myself. LOL!! Will definitely visit and read you again. Be blessed.


    • Thanks very much! Yeah, you have to write the way it works for you. I have done some prose and some freer form poetry, but I just love rhyme. It draws me back. Every time. 😉

    • It’s true! I was so surprised the first time it happened. I got a text message from the Red Cross saying something like “your blood donation has now been used for an person in need”.
      My first thought was “Who? I want an address!!” Hahahaha…..

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