Grain Of Salt

well-meaners, inbetweeners,
fence sitters, born-bitters,
cheerleaders, pack heeders,
naysayers, game players,
well wishers, sin fishers,
revenge seekers, future peekers,
thoughts there they’ll share,
some pious, all biased,
hear’em all, let’em fall,
no fault, but grain of salt,
it’s your choice, your voice,
so be smart, hear YOUR heart.

8 thoughts on “Grain Of Salt

    • Thanks! It was driven by the thought that in times of life choices we all get lots of advice and opinion from friends and relatives, and even acquaintances. They generally mean well, but the truth is none of them are objective. We are all coloured and influenced by our own experiences. They mean well, but only we know our true self, and the whole picture. So listen to it all, take it all with a grain of salt, but in the end, trust yourself.

      • Exactly. One should not resent the unsolicited advice from all the well-meaning advice givers. Just listen politely and say thank you. Then go with your instincts.

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