Margareta de Lange – Surrounded By No One

I am standing in a photography exhibition, staring at a black and white photograph of a woman.
I am immediately captured by the photo, by something I spot down in the left corner
Though standing in a crowd of people, I know instinctively that only I see the particular item that has caught my focus.
The woman is nude, and appears to be standing in a hotel room.
She is holding her panties in her left hand, by one corner, so that they hang down. Her right hand is on her left temple, brushing her hair back.
At first it appears she has a shadow cast across her lower calves, but looking closer I see she is wearing short sheer stockings
So not completely nude
But none of this is what has captured my immediate attention, or is what I am sure only I can see.
She is standing at the foot of the bed, near the corner closest in the picture,
and there, on the far corner,
cast amongst the crumpled and strewn bed linens,
I am convinced that I see,
clear as can be,
her soul, or a part thereof
lying in wretched anguish.

11 thoughts on “Margareta de Lange – Surrounded By No One

  1. A powerful write; you keep us going right to the very end to see what the narrator saw, and when we do, we realize we should have spotted it right away.

  2. As soon as I started reading it I really wanted to get that picture in my hands to see what your character was looking at and the the words, ‘I am convinced that I see, clear as can be,
    her soul, or a part thereof lying in wretched anguish,’ I got a knot in my throat and wanted to cry. I don’t know if that’s the reaction you expected, but I felt a momentary feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. I didn’t like that feeling.
    You did a wonderful job in conveying these feelings. This was wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings!

    • Thanks very much for the kind words. My response was indeed very similar to yours. If you’d like to see the picture I am talking about you should be able to do so here:
      Go to this site:
      Click on Surrounded by No One
      There is a line of pictures underneath. Click on the 18th one. The one after the woman with the nosebleed. Look in the far corner of the bed, behind the woman and to her right.

      -= Margaret M. de Lange =-

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