Every year,
I fight the cheer,
I play along,
But listen here;
It’s not that easy,
The yule thing,
All the joy,
And all the bling,
I do okay,
I coast along,
Good greetings here,
A Christmas song,
But underneath,
It’s just a play,
I promise to,
Ignore the day,
But every year,
It’s just the same,
Come Christmas day,
I shed the game,
No matter how,
I’ve fought and torn,
I awake on Christmas morn,
By Christmas spirit,
No matter how,
I fight and fear it,
It overtakes me,
None discreetly,
As Dickens wrote,
I’m done completely,
I’m overcome,
And what is worst,
My heart expands,
So it might burst,
On the 26th,
It’s gone to sand,
But on the 25th,
My fellow man,
Can do no wrong,
Not a single one,
I’m opened wide,
My plans undone,
For on that day,
That Christmas toll,
Some kind of magic,
Takes control,
No matter how I feel,
Throughout the year,
This special day,
It all seems clear,
That Love profound,
Clear, unadorned,
Can change the world,
How it’s been formed
Yes for that one day,
I understand,
Our real strength,
When we can stand,
As one,
A single human race,
A collective will,
And take our place,
All colour, creed,
Religion gone,
Bound as one,
And moving on,
To our next phase,
Of evolution,
When we move from problem,
To solution,
But so powerful,
Is this clear insight,
It’s only there,
For Christmas night,
On that one day,
We stand embracing,
Then after wonder,
What we’re chasing,
A memory, a thought,
A “what could be”,
If only all,
Yes, you and me,
Could connect our hearts,
And feel the way,
That we all feel,
On Christmas day.

8 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS

  1. I live in a house with a Santa Claus fiend, who celebrates Christmas whenever he hears bells jingling and a grinch who bah humbugs the very thought of Christmas away, but yet on Christmas Eve and Day we’re all of one mind and spirit and I wish we could all keep Christmas in our hearts every day.
    Wonderful and very well done.

  2. Thanks all! There really have been years, due to my situation, where I have tried to ignore Christmas. So help me though, it’s impossible. As soon as Christmas morning comes I’m like Scrooge himself yelling out to the kid in the street to go buy me the biggest turkey he can find!

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