The Grinch Was Not Alone

The Grinch was not the only one at all,
Who found his heart to be two sizes too small,
Truth is, without disrespect or derision,
For many, that’s the fallback position,
In order for them to show empathy,
One must first find their heart and break it free,
Break into their ivory tower and shine a light,
Show life is made of more than wrong and right,
It’s mistakes and growth, not just win and lose,
We should spend more time wearing other’s shoes.

5 thoughts on “The Grinch Was Not Alone

  1. Haha…love your tag. And I love this. But you know what they say about the Grinch’s shoes? They say that his shoes were too tight. Could it be that those shoes weren’t even his?

  2. True to form, like wearing other’s shoes
    For we might not realize what that entailed
    We would understand better other’s blues
    When we experience why they had failed
    We should not ourselves choose to restrain
    It’ll be an education if we could feel the pain


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