Heavy December

It’s December in Sweden,
Darkest time of the year.
When we’re all needing,
Snow to bring us good cheer.
For our hearts to brighten,
And our souls to lighten.
Snow, if you please.
But it’s too warm to freeze.
So the wind just throws rain.
Endless rain at your pane.
Endless gloom fills the room,
Fills your head and your heart.
And your soul feels so heavy,
In the dark.

17 thoughts on “Heavy December

    • Thanks! Still, I wish it were colder (I do!) so it would stop raining and we’d get some proper winter weather.

  1. Oh, I’m not wishing for it to get any colder here in Atlantic Canada at all. I badly beoke my ankle on ice in 2007, broke Tib & fib and have metal plate & screws holding it all together for life now so, I don’t look forward to winter snow & ice at all anymore. But, I do agree the weather patterns are changing so much now.
    Lovely prose and, thanks for the visit and such a nice comment.

  2. Hello.
    Snow when it falls makes everything look beautiful, but it’s back breaking work to shovel & clean up…that’s the part I hate about winter! There’s already frost on the ground & a chill in the air. Pretty soon, good old winter doldrums will be knocking at my neck of the woods too (Pennsylvania). I can’t even begin to imagine only 5 hours of sunlight/day…that’s just too depressing!

    Nice piece of prose.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I appreciate the lovely comment.

    For ref:

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