Franchised Disenfranchisement

The disenfranchised have franchised protest,
It looks the same most everywhere,
Large groups of people gathering,
But not sure what they’re doing there,
99 percent of them,
Not sure which message they should share,
A ragtag group of disparate views,
And not one flower in anyone’s hair.

4 thoughts on “Franchised Disenfranchisement

    • Well I’m definitely not in the 1%, I see the need for major structural change. Hell, I think the whole concept of interest rates should be abolished. I just think the protest and the issues it speaks to would be better served by focusing on the institutions of power that are part of the problem. The Wall Street occupation makes some sense. The group I saw in a Swedish shopping mall seemed completely disconnected from the issues. It wasn’t a protest – it was a happening. Hell I think people should be chaining themselves to stock exchanges and the like!

  1. No I was expressing a bit of twisted logic there. Unfortunately I’m not in the 1% that have 99% of the wealth as claimed, I just don’t want to be included in the 99% that they claim are protesting or are supporting the protesters. While I think there are lessons to be learned from the GFC and things to be fixed and improved upon, I don’t see the blame being just down to Wall Street. It was more about financial institutions, encouraged by government policy, lending money to people who never had the possibility of paying it back and in many cases never the intention to do so. However I do agree with your assessment of the protesters and the protest, but maybe that is a reflection of what they are protesting about.

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