Has my soul flown out the hole?

I know I said
My heart was cracked
And nothing more
Sore but intact
But now a hole
A hole of black
Inside the crack
Is there instead
And in my head
There is a cloud
A could of black
Just like the crack
And hole of black
Inside my heart
Inside my head

6 thoughts on “Has my soul flown out the hole?

  1. “Sometime’s the road leads to dark places, sometimes the darkness is our friend.” (Bruce Cockburn)
    That’s probably not applicable, but your poem made me think of it. I love the flow of your piece. I’m all about flow.

    • Thank you, Ken. I’m all about going with it as well. I’m not at work today so I’m spending the day doing laundry, cleaning, and preparing for your arrival. Just let me know if you have any food or cat hair allergies or any other dietary restrictions. I’ll meet you at the station when you arrive. Around three in the afternoon, isn’t it?

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