The question,
Caught me off guard,
And it was hard,
At the time,
To answer,
But chances are,
You’re not far off the mark,
For as I lay there,
In the dark,
Hands bound fast,
Your tongue in my ass,
Eyes made blind,
I admit I could find,
I wanted nothing more,
Than what you held in store for me,
So I left wonderingly,
Am I afflicted?
Somehow addicted?
I’m not really sure,
But if I am,
I hope there’s no cure.

4 thoughts on “SEX ADDICT?

  1. I’ve always had somewhat of a problem with the concept “sex addict” in general. While I’m sure there are people who do have some kind sexual-compulsive disorder, I’m also sure that phrase “sex addict” is used to describe people who simply have a problem staying faithful to their spouses. Remember David Duchovney, who got caught cheating on his wife and went into treatment for sex addiction? Hmmm…yeah…

    Plus, when you really get down to it, aren’t we all sex addicts to a certain extent?

  2. Well, I guess when you get to the point where you are completely indiscriminate and sleep with anyone, anytime, anywhere, and it controls your life, okay, maybe we are talking about addiction. But yeah, if it just means a healthy love of sex, um, no. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

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