Happy Birthday from Eeyore

So once again it’s your birthday,
You’ve lived another year.
These birthday things seem so contrived.
Are we celebrating you’ve survived?
I guess that’s something after all.
You could’ve tripped, and had a fall.
Come down hard, and smashed your head,
So no birthday, cuz you’d be dead.
But have a good one, since you’re here,
And if you survive,
Have an okay year.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday from Eeyore

  1. Hehe…this is one of my favorites. 🙂 Oh bless poor sweet Eeyore.

    On a related note, I’ve taken to calling one of my students Eeyore for obvious reasons. The word “glum” really describes everything about him. Although, I think being called Eeyore does cheer him up a little bit.

  2. Well, I have at least one client who reminds me of Eeyore, and he was in fact the source for my originally penning this piece. However, since I work in mental health and he is actually clinically depressed I’m pretty sure it would be a no-no to call him Eeyore, haha.

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