Love rules the heart,
And not the brain.
Still, try to restrain,
Those stupid acts.
The simple fact is,
Love lasts not forever.
Relationships often sever.
That’s why, though sweet,
‘Tis awfully rash,
To tattoo thy lover’s,
Name on thy ass.

9 thoughts on “Removal

  1. A choice career these days is undoubtedly laser tattoo removal specialist. They probably make a lot more money than the tattoo artists do.

    It’s not as easy and straight forward a process as one might think. Mark’s girlfriend Erika has been having laser treatments over the last couple of years to have a tattoo removed, and it’s still not entirely gone. Even when there are no more traces of the original tattoo, there will be a scar left behind.

    Them treatments ain’t cheap, neither.

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