The Pretty Mushroom

Here I sit out in the wood,
All gussied up and looking good,
Well designed to catch your eye,
To make you pause as you walk by,
You’ll find me in my forest homes,
With me you just might see gnomes,
Or maybe not, but then again,
I am a hallucinogen.

5 thoughts on “The Pretty Mushroom

  1. the imagery is shining like a gem, wow.


    What charming poetry you have posted here.

    Invite you to share 1 to 3 poems with us, anything could fit the theme of object,

    Hope to see you in.

    Happy Writing..

  2. Is that really a hallucinogenic mushroom? I’m sure it is terribly poisonous, so at least you’ll see happy little gnomes right before you keel over.

    • I looked it up yeah. It has killed on occasion, but is generally known as hallucinogenic. Someone at work also told me where it got the Swedish name “flugsvamp” from. Apparently in olden days, in order to help with the overwhelming problem of flies on famrs, they would cut up this mushroom into pieces and put it in bowl with milk, drawing all of the flies to it, where they would eventually drown. So my guess that it was called “flugsvamp” because if you ate it you got high and thought you could fly was not quite on the money. 😉

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