I’ve slept alone for so long,
No one with whom to meld;
Lying twixt two pillows,
Feels almost like being held.

16 thoughts on “Almost

  1. After my divorce I remember being astonished to discover my skin-hunger. Just yearned to be touched again. So this is an especially poignant piece to me. On the other hand, there’s noone to complain about your snoring, Big Guy! ( :0=}

  2. Skin hunger… I like that. I like “slapdashery” too…. that’s cool. I used to get those big long body pillows for my kids when they were young, the kind they could wrap their arms and legs around. I don’t hink they had those when I was single 27 years ago. I wish they would have. Nice, concise thoughtful and true poem Blitz… I enjoyed this….

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