Why Earth has not been invaded yet!!!

I don’t believe in pseudo-science, I’m a Skeptic.  UFOs, the Flying Spaghetti Monsters, the Loch Ness lake monster, are all bullshit.  I repeat: BULLSHIT.  However, if there was indeed intelligent life out there wishing to conquer earth and ravage us, I believe that they scanned our planet and found the following music videos before they decided that this planet is definitely not worth it!


2 thoughts on “Why Earth has not been invaded yet!!!

  1. Oh, come now… I really don’t think you’re giving Aqua enough credit. I mean just listen to the lyrics of Barbie Girl:

    I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World.
    Life in plastic. It’s fantastic.
    You can brush my hair.
    Undress me anywhere.
    Life is your creation.

    It’s obvious they’re commenting on the materialism and artificiality of life in the modern world. Nothing is real, as John Lennon often said. Life in the 21st century comes pre-wrapped in plastic. I think that extraterrestrials would be sufficiently impressed by that to consider invading us.

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