Nerd Wear 101: The Pocket Protector

Ladies and gentlemen, I have reached utter nerddom!  No doubt distinguished scholars, nerds, geeks, engineers, scientists, and plain lunatics would agree that a gentleman or lady’s wardrobe would be incomplete without a pocket protector.  Behold this little gem that I picked up at  Made in the USA from clear and/or white vinyl, the pocket protector will not only make you look handsomely stylish, but also protect your pocket from leaky pens and pointy pencils.  There are several versions to choose from, including the Stealth version, the entirely clear Invisible version, and the Badge Holder version that I chose.  Ordering was a breeze, the price reasonable, and I received mine two days after ordering.

Beware: with a pocket protector you will be the envy of everyone at the plant, office, lab or asylum; and a saucy minx might also try to take advantage of you and steal your treasured possession.   

11 thoughts on “Nerd Wear 101: The Pocket Protector

  1. Well hell, even I don’t own a pocket protector. And I’m the nerdiest person I know. Heh. Nevertheless, on behalf of nerds everywhere I’d like to welcome you to the Knights of the Dinner Table (where we play D&D every Friday night), and where the secret sign is a Vulcan salute. If you can’t manage one then you are not worthy of joining us.

  2. I think you should put a pic of a hot scantily clad woman in the badge section of your pocket protector. It will let people know that nerds are the new Rock Gods. 😉

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