Man, Time, Pain

There are few constants in the world, and two of those are of pain and suffering.  Pain is a wonderful thing.  It reminds us that we are fallible and alive.  If we did not feel pain, we would be dead.  We must embrace pain, as we embrace failure.  We must realize that we are utterly worthless and that trying to accomplish something worthwhile is an exercise in futility.  Something will inevitable go wrong, the spoke of the wheel will fail, and the best-laid plans will falter under the enormous weight of reality.  There is no redemption, there is no hope.  Man ─ as he stands ─ is alone.  His own thoughts will betray him, his body will decay, and time is neither his friend nor his enemy.  Time, an artificial construct has made slaves of us all.  Before the invention of the watch, the most despicable of devices, there was only night and day as measurement.

3 thoughts on “Man, Time, Pain

  1. I think a lot about that artificial construct of time and how it constrains us and forms us. You’re right about pain and suffering as well, how else would we grow emotionally?

  2. I don’t believe that we are utterly worthless, Shark. I got told that very thing often enough by my parents when I was growing up and it’s taken me a long time to get the point where I no longer believe it. Each and every one of us has worth.

    As for trying to accomplish something worthwhile, well I suppose that depends on your definition of worthwhile. I think I have a rich and fulfilling life and consider myself to be successful. I spend my days trying to make the world a better place. What better way to do that than being a teacher? However, my parents don’t consider me successful because they measure success in terms of how much money you make. I’ve got no drive, you see. No ambition. I’m content with what I’ve got, and naturally that’s a very bad thing when you’re worth is measured by your wealth.

    Seriously, dude. Chill out. I hate to break it to you but every single one of us has worth. That includes you.

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