The Beautiful Words

I want to sing a song.
A beautiful song.
A sad song.
A fitting song.
Something like “Angel,”
By Sarah MacLaclan.

For the sweet. Innocent. Dead.
Norwegian children.

Could have grown up,
To be geniuses.
Troubled geniuses,
Like Amy Winehouse.
We’ll never know now.
All that potential.

All that talent.
All Gone.

I want to sing,
A song for them.
But the words,
The beautiful words.
Will only come out,
As tears.

Maybe it’s better this way, Amy.
You know that I’m no good.

11 thoughts on “The Beautiful Words

    • Thank you, Ken. Loss is too small a word. What happened during that weekend of tragedy left a enormous gaping wound. Well, a metaphorical one, anyway…

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