It’s the hate that I find so staggering,
The deep, blind, and passionate, gripping hate.
How does a person get to that dark place?
Driven to slaughter members of their race.
Yes, their race. For truth is there’s only one.
Not political correctness, but fact.
Not wishful thinking, but plain simple truth.
What mind-numbing fear stops that getting through?
We fight for freedom of speech, at what cost?
Is there something we’re missing? Something lost?
There are few freedoms that are inherent,
Perhaps that’s the thing that we’ve come to see,
They are all linked to responsibility,
That much becomes more and more apparent.
Believe many things, I’ll go along, but,
I’ll not grant the right for you to be wrong,
About this, this irrefutable fact,
We are one, one human tribe, one pact,
Divided by nation and circumstance,
Colour and race thrust upon us by chance,
That truth must bind, ironclad, forged in fire,
Extinguish the hate and raise ourselves higher,
All social tools choose a line to draw,
All institutions and forces of law,
Take persons and groups who just want to hate,
Bring them into the light and educate,
Walk the walk, talk the talk of inclusion,
No tolerance for any exclusion,
No exceptions for religion or faith,
The prime belief is we’re one human race,
Our peace and prosperity both depend,
On learning that we were made to transcend.

8 thoughts on “THE HATE

    • I¨m sick of groups with exclusionist beliefs, be they nazi type groups or religious groups or whatever receiving tax dollars, tax breaks, and police protection. It is time for institutions and politicians to say any group with any exclusionary belief or policy that goes against the fact that we are one tribe on this planet together, will not receive any kind of support and that furthermore all efforts will be made to change or dismantle them.

  1. Great piece. I like especially the first eight lines. It’s such a blurry distinction for most of us: the difference between hatred and passion. The first is a dysfunctional state of mind; the second is a catalyst for overcoming the first. Yet, we confuse them. I’m glad you haven’t.

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