The Land Of Stuff

I’ve landed in The Land of Stuff,
Where no one feels they have enough,
Where every message from every store,
Consists of more and more and more,
Now “Jumbo” and “Mega” just convey,
The normal size of every day,
“Bigger” and “Better” both implored,
To keep the economy moving forward,
Disturbing, cuz sure as the world is round,
What goes up,
Must one day come down.

9 thoughts on “The Land Of Stuff

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    • Thanks! I would normally join the poets rally, but am about to leave for Cuba and will not be online for a while. You’re very welcome to use it or link to it though!

    • Thanks very much! I live in Stockholm and have for ten years. This came from my thoughts just now on arriving back in my hometown of Toronto for a visit. I think it’s pretty much a North American phenomenon though.

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