Last bus home at night
Then the first bus in the morning,
Is not sustainable
And should not be habit-forming,
Behaviour that should really come
With some kind of health warning,
But one must take advantage
Of the weather while it’s warming,
I can always sleep in winter,
When the weather comes a-storming.

4 thoughts on “SUMMER HEALTH ALERT

  1. Out at a Canada Day barbecue, caught the last bus home, getting me into bed at 2:20a.m., only to rise by 7am to be at work for 8. Then finishing at 5:30pm and off to another gathering.

  2. Hehehe…I wonder if you’ll have any brain cells left by the end of this weekend.

    Working on Saturday sucks. It sucks big black donkey cocks. Employment of any kind is often hard to come by here in Sweden, so you take what you can get. Before I got my teaching position at the gymnasieskola, I worked for a company that required me to work on Saturday mornings starting at 9 o’clock. I was still living in Uddevalla, so this meant getting up during the six o’clock hour and taking a one and a half hour bus ride to Gothenburg. On Saturday mornings. Miss Kitten was not a very happy kitty. Never again.

  3. I run a group home for people with concurrent disorders (mental illness & drug/alcohol dependency) which means I work every third weekend. Sort of used to it after more than 8 years now, and the plus side is that I also end up getting a 3 day weekend every third week, as well as regular weekdays off. Still, during this busy social season it does often mean I am burning the candle at both ends. Of course we all know a candle burning at both ends is twice as bright, but only for half as long. 😉

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