Sunmade Icecream

Ah the wonders of the sun,
Sending warmth for summer fun,
Tanning skin all golden brown,
But try to know when you are done,
Or you might be a sunburnt one,
And if clothes you only partly shun,
Your hue will be uneven hon,
Like icecream neopolitan.

4 thoughts on “Sunmade Icecream

  1. Sorry, honey. Not tonight.
    I’m looking quite a sight.
    All brown and red and white.
    And I just don’t think it’s right.

  2. Hahaha….
    You know I’d love to,
    I’ve lust full steam,
    But if you touch me,
    I’m sure I’d scream,
    So there you have it,
    Let fantasy bloom,
    Just stay on your side,
    Of the room.

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