Erect the Pole

It may look vaguely Christian.
It may seem quite devout.
But the meaning of the Maypole,
Is not that hard to figure out.

Every year around Midsummer,
We stick it in the ground.
We erect it and insert it,
And then we dance around.

Then we eat and drink too much,
And into the woods we run,
To do our own impression,
Of the Maypole just for fun.

All this Maypole imitation,
Is the reason, no doubts or maybes,
Why every year in Sweden,
There are so many April babies.

A Traditional Swedish Midsommarstång or Maypole

8 thoughts on “Erect the Pole

  1. Thanks so much, Ken. I’m pretty happy with this one, if I do say so myself. I worked on the April babies stanza forever, to get it just right.

  2. Very cute–I love it! Every year in elementary school we would always have a May Day celebration including dancing around the maypole. I had no idea of the hidden meaning in this seemingly benign gathering!

    • Pretty much the same for me. too. It wasn’t until I moved to Sweden that I found out that the May Pole is basically a giant penis. Seems obvious now. Thanks for reading!

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