At 5:20pm/Stockholm/Awake since 4:15am

He won’t stop talking.
Just keeps on talking.
And I’m too tired to rhyme…

Three hours.

Must try to stay awake,
For three more hours.
But three hours of sleep,
Was not nearly enough.
And now I’m sinking,




Into a soft,







3 thoughts on “At 5:20pm/Stockholm/Awake since 4:15am

  1. Reminds me of something I wrote in grade ten math class:

    As I sit here in math class,
    My eyes start close,
    As that monotonous voice,
    Puts me into a doze,
    Soon I’m off in a dreamworld,
    Undisturbed by my snoring,
    I think my sleep reinforces,
    The fact that math class is boring.

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