…where I have been

Ah bless.

Between the stomach virus that will not leave our house, the abortion of a project from hell and usual mental malaise, I have been absent. I am terribly sorry.

Where I have I been, you ask?  Scraping stuff on my body that does not belong there.  Be it bodily fluids of varying types or food, I have been scrubbing myself raw.  Tonight’s joy was applesauce.

In order to maintain a pleasant demeanor and not take my frustrations out on a toddler with zero understanding of the world, I put myself in time out when I’m frustrated.  I have been in time out a lot these days.  I really wish time out was in a bar.

3 thoughts on “…where I have been

  1. I trust Milky chucked some pork steaks at you to go with the applesauce teehee. I hope all is well in your home soon and you are not such a stranger.

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