Caer Ibormeith

At the edge of this night the Great Swan dips,
Grazing my eyes with her feathery tips,
Then Caer Ibormeith unleashes her song,
It settles upon me, draws me along,
She and her Aengus from Bruigh na Boinne’s walls,
Melding their voices as night gently falls,
Stirring prophetic dreams – conciousness thins,
I shift into sleep, the magick begins.

3 thoughts on “Caer Ibormeith

  1. In Celtic legend usually thought of as a Goddess of sleep and dreams and a less violent version of Mare. She usually took the form of a swan who lived on a lake called Dragon’s Mouth and she wore a golden chain with one hundred and thirty golden balls on a silver chain worn around her neck. Aengus MacOg fell in love with her in a dream and sought her when he awoke. When he found her he, too, became a swan and they flew to Bruigh na Boinne to Aengus’ megalithic site north of Tara where they sang the most beautiful song which put all of Ireland into a peaceful slumber for three days and three nights. She is connected to the horse and the moon.
    Rules Over: Dreams, prophetic dreams, falling asleep, music magick

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