Today’s conservatives

Apparently these stories are important enough to be on the front page of Faux News.

 Whatever happened to real news?  Even the liberal news outlets are no better, but Faux News seem to be particularly bad.  There are times I can’t tell whether I’m reading TMZ or the “most trusted name in news.”  Even more interesting is the fact that 74% of Republicans polled “trust” Faux News, which probably means that those “conservative” Republicans must love gossip, sex stories, and everything else.  Maybe it caters to their core values and beliefs, as long as they are in church on Sunday, everything is fine.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they just admitted that they click on these stories and that they love the segments where they interview Hooters waitresses about important issues like the economy or the war on terrorism.  Come on, just admit it, you love the stuff just as much as liberals, get off your high horses.

2 thoughts on “Today’s conservatives

  1. Seems like the typical smörgåsbord of non-news stories on the nightly Faux line up. As you say it’s really the same as reading TMZ or Dlisted. It’s just that the conservatives think it’s “real” news because it’s being reported on a “real” news network. Assbandits.

    • Did you see how Al Jeezera won some journalism price from Columbia University? I was amazed at the ignorance coming off that Faux message board about that. Contrary to popular belief, Al Jeezera is not a terrorist news network and spreads far less propaganda than Faux News. Have they even seen a news report from that network? They come off as more BBC than anything else. One commentator said that he had watched it but that he though their reporting was dry and boring. Well, yeah, that probably means it was real journalism and not spoon fed tabloid bullshit!

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