WOTD: tumultuous

I seem to be posting a lot of adjectives lately, but I suppose that’s because I tend to choose words that match whatever major or minor current events that are taking place. The word tumultuous is defined as “full of tumult or riotousness; marked by disturbance and uproar.” What with the recent death of Osama bin Laden and the conflicts in Libya, and Egypt, and Tunisia, we live very tumultuous times, indeed.

We had some tumultuousness at work yesterday, apparently. I was off sick but heard all about it today. The generally-hated Big Boss had come down from Stockholm again for an open house evening at the school. After being asked by the Big Boss to participate in the open house, a colleague who teaches Social Science subjects responded angrily and vehemently that there was no way she was going to put in any extra hours for a man who obviously despised Social Science teachers. And here I thought he merely hated English teachers.

She then stormed out of the building. Oh deary me…

Anyway, I was pretty surprised to hear about this because the colleague in question is someone who is normally very laid back and cheerful. She’s a nice and fun-to-be-around person, not confrontational or prone to angry outbursts at all. Yet I know very well how the Big Boss’s contemptuous indifference can really get to you. After a while, you just find yourself saying, “Oh, what’s the fucking use?” It’ll be interesting to see what come of this.

Bye for now…

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