The Sadness Worm

You never feel it move or squirm,
But you know when you’ve got,
The Sadness Worm.
You get it when you swallow pain.
And it makes a mark.
It makes a stain.
So everybody knows your plight.
You’ve got this worm,
This parasite.
It shrinks away from joy and fun,
Just like a vampire avoiding the sun.
Unfortunately there is no cure,
No medicine to take for sure.
The Sadness Worm gets sick and weak,
But it never dies,
Just goes to sleep.
It burrows deep inside your heart,
And from within,
Tears you apart.
And there it stays and there it lies,
Until one day,
Your heart just dies.

9 thoughts on “The Sadness Worm

  1. Thanks and I’m glad you like it! I wrote a different version of this piece years ago, and then it was a free verse piece. I looked and looked but couldn’t find it anywhere, so I rewrote it this time as a rhyming piece. I think it’s a lot better now. Thanks again.

    • Since the Sadness Worm is an invisible parasitic creature, I’d like to believe that it dies soon after it kills the heart of the host, unless it can find another host right away. I’m not sure how it would be transferred to anohther host, though…

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