WOTD: resplendent

With many apologies for not posting a WOTD yesterday but I was too busy being sick and watching coverage of the Royal Wedding. I just love stuff like that. Royal Weddings that is, not being sick. I just find all the negativity and complaints about it to be really sad. “I couldn’t care less!” Well, obviously you do care enough to state that you don’t care. “What a waste of tax-payer money!” Oh moan, bitch, whine, complain. Why can’t you just be happy for the young attractive couple and be happy in general? Also, if you’re really concerned about the cost you can always ask for your 69 pence (each British tax payer’s share of the money spent on the wedding) back from the British government.

But I digress…

I thought I’d choose a word that is inspired by the recent Royal Wedding. Resplendent is an adjective and it’s defined as “shining brilliantly.” It basically means the same thing as dazzling, radiant, gorgeous and magnificent.  As in:

Prince William looked resplendent in his bright red wedding coat. 

3 thoughts on “WOTD: resplendent

  1. Some of us have other reasons for finding the whole thing objectionable: “the palaces of kings are built upon the ruins of the bowers of paradise”.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, anyway. Are you ever planning on visiting us here in Stockholm?

  2. I’ll actually be in Stockholm for a few days in July and I’m looking for someone to help me guide my relatives around the city. They asked me to come along to Stockholm and be their guide, but I don’t know the city that well at all. Perhaps you or Sofia could help us out?

  3. We would love to help you show them around, but you’ll have to rely on Sofia for the guiding bit as I have no capacity for forming mental maps and no sense of direction.

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