Word of the Day: spatula

Today’s word is not particularly special or meaningful. It’s doesn’t really have any qualities at all. I choose it simply because I think it sounds funny. What an amusing collection of sounds for such an ordinary object that does such an ordinary task.

It’s a noun. It’s Latin. The original word hasn’t changed all that much. Spatula, in Latin means, “broad flat tool or weapon.” Something that is spatula-like can be modified with the adjective spatular. As in, “The car smashed into the spatular part of a snowplow.”

Incidentally, it’s really hard to think of something that rhymes with spatula…

Any other funny-sounding words you can think of?

The Vestibules have a lot of ideas:

Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Word of the Day: spatula

  1. can I get away with spatula – tarantula?

    I love the sound of the word dingleberry but when you realise what it means…not so lovely.

  2. I think my favorite Swedish word is grönsak (vegetable), which literally translated means, “green thing” Hehe…

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