…oh just

shut the fuck up, already!

Honestly.  I know some rambling motherfuckers and it’s all I can do to grit my teeth, smile and sit on my hands so I don’t reach for their necks and strangle the last breath of life out of them.  These people come in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life and there is absolutely no escaping them.  No matter what you do.

Not one to sugar coat things, I have tried all sorts of different tactics to silence the verbose.  I have left the room in mid-sentence.  I have pretended to be unwell.  I have played up being partially deaf.  I have (absolutely true) looked someone in the eye and excused myself by telling the gasbag that I had to go stick my head in the nearest oven.  Granted, I’m not always Miss Sweetness and Light but even I, for all of my evil, understand when it’s time for silence.

After two meetings today with someone who loves to her herself jabber away, I’m left with little patience and an enormous amount of frustration.  If only I could get away with deploying my absolute, most-favoritest STFU meme.  Life would be so much easier.

And before you even ask – NO.  I am not always a people person.

4 thoughts on “…oh just

  1. OMG. Need to send you the picture the hubs has over his tool box: 1950’s era GI, smiling and holding up a coffee cup with the caption, “How About a Nice Cup of Shut the Fuck Up?” LOL….. I feel your pain….

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