Right now I feel as though,
I accidently did swallow,
Something definitely prickly.
For I’m feeling rather sickly.
Like perhaps a porcupine,
Living in a blackberry vine.
Though the chances are remote,
That could be what’s in my throat.

6 thoughts on “Prickly

  1. On the other hand,
    It could be so,
    Since you can’t see,
    Yourself you know,
    But if that’s the thing,
    That’s made you sicky,
    I hope the bugger,
    Moves on quickly,
    (and so he doesn’t get me wrong,
    I hope he brings his vine along.)

  2. Prickly pal and vine are gone.
    They seemed to have moved right along.
    Now I’m really starting to sneeze,
    So I think it might be allergies.

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