Word of the Day: bliss

Today’s word is another feeling, more or less the antonym of the word I discussed in an earlier post. Bliss is defined as a state of supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment. In abstract terms, that is. The dictionary defines bliss but it doesn’t discuss what it actually is.

But how could it? Bliss is a very subjective thing and nothing and no one can really tell you how to get it.

You just have to take the late mythologist Joseph Campbell‘s advice and “follow your bliss.” Of course you have to figure out what your bliss is before you can start following it…

So I’ll open this discussion up to the group. What’s blissful to you?

I’ll go first.

Sitting in the sun next to the sea on a warm but breezy afternoon always puts me into a state of bliss. However, sitting with my friends at a table holding up many pints of beer is another blissful experience, albiet a completely different one.

Okay, your turn.

…until next time.

4 thoughts on “Word of the Day: bliss

  1. Bliss to me would be to live a meaningful life surrounded by wonderful friends and family. It would be having a giant home library, complete with a big wooden desk where I could write, write, and write some more. That is bliss.

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