Swedish Police priorities

It seems that hardly a day goes by in Sweden that I don’t read about some woman being sexually assaulted, masked men with axes rob a bank, or there is a gang shooting.  Growing up in Sweden I’m sure that we had crimes, but it seems to me that there are more crimes now than there used to be.  Maybe that’s just me idealizing my carefree childhood, but still, times are changing.  Common sense would dictate that a Rudolph Giuliani-style crime crackdown would be in order:  prioritize catching the bad guys and getting them off the streets.  But no, it seems Swedish cops are way too busy trying to catch speeders, do DUI enforcement, or even dancing!

Granted, all those things are important, but enforcing a winter tire law!!!  WTF?

What the hell is a Winter Tire Law, you ask?  Well, in Sweden between 16 April och 30 September, you are mandated to drive with summer tires, and the rest of the time, during the winter, you are supposed to drive with winter tires.  Apparently this is a big thing in Sweden and the police are out in force making sure that Swedish drivers are in compliance or they will face a 500 SEK fine (approximately $80 USD dollars, 2011).  When I moved to Sweden for grad school, I didn’t even know that there were separate tires for winter driving and summer driving.  I had never heard of anybody in the United States changing their tires with the seasons.  Well, except my old college roommate who lives in Ohio, but he’s German, so does that count?  Anyhow, I’m glad that Swedish Police have their priorities, just give them some savory tarts and they will get right on it…  solving trombone capers.

5 thoughts on “Swedish Police priorities

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t the winter tires have some sort of teeth/gripping mechanism that chop up the roads during the warmer weather?

    For what it’s worth, I only used all-season radials during my time in the (US) snow belt. That said – our issues were primarily snow related and we didn’t have to deal with much ice.

    • Yeah, there are even two types of winter tires as well! The ones with the spikes and the ones without them. My parents use the ones without the spikes in Switzerland and they have some funky treads that push away excess mud, sleet and snow.

  2. Hey Sharkie —
    Out here on the left coast (at least in WA state) we also change our tires with the seasons; it can be a big deal with sleet/ice on the roads and lots of hills to navigate. However, there are many pockets of Scandinavian settlers all throughout the state, so that may have something to do with it. Cheers !!!

    • haahah thanks for sharing Dawn! Question though, is it a law that people have to comply with, or do people just do it for common sense reasons? I’ve got nothing against winter tires, in fact I wish I had money to get some myself, I just think the police should be prioritizing catching dangerous criminals. If they pull somebody over for speeding, then yes, they could check the tires, but standing on the side of the road for just that purpose is crazy!

  3. i totally agree that’s crazy and stupid. not even in England do police do that. mind u we have to change our tires to.

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