Happy National Library Week 2011!

I always forget that technically the start of the week is Sunday.  To me, Sunday marks the end of the week, because I have to be back at work on Monday.  In my head, if I have to work on Monday, it’s the start of the week, not Day Two.   The reason for this rant is to make you aware of National Library Week 2011, which runs from Sunday, yes Sunday, April 10 to Saturday, April 16th.  In America National Library Week is promoted by the American Library Association, an organization I feel quite strongly about.  The ALA is often embroiled in politics as it pertains to censorship.  The ALA is very much pro-1st Amendment and against censorship, which is understandable.  In fact, the ALA also sponsors Banned Books Week, which runs from September 24 to October 1st this year.

Photograph of three of Nevins Memorial Library's earliest librarians

The ALA’s stance on censorship pretty much echoes my own:  If you don’t like it, don’t read it.  If something offends you, then avoid it and don’t introduce your kids to it, but don’t ban it (unless it’s illegal).  You see,  self-control and self-censorship works best.  I think the Golden Rule and Common Sense applies.  That book that you like, perhaps the Bible, no doubt offends other people of another religious faith, how would you like it if somebody wanted to ban that?

The fact of the matter is that a public library, yes PUBLIC library, contains, and should contain, a myriad of books on a variety of subjects ─ some of which offends; some of which engages your critical thinking; and some that tickles your fancy.  If libraries were to ban books that people found questionable, eventually there would be no books left, because there’s always somebody who is offended by something, or dislikes a particular book or subject.  I applaud the librarians who stand up for the 1st Amendment and recognize that differing opinions are not always a bad thing…

Support your local public library!



2 thoughts on “Happy National Library Week 2011!

  1. Completely agree that the week starts on Monday and have never understood any other way of looking at it, but why would Banned Book Week start on a Saturday? Or am I just unusually slow on the uptake here?

    Love the concept of a Banned Book Week, by the way! Don’t think we have anything similar here…

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