To Paulo, with love: a limerick

(Yes, I know I said my next post would be a WOTD, but I need to give that a little more thought…)

This is dedicated to our dear friend Paulo Nunes, with respect, admiration and the greatest affection:

A spicy young fellow from Brazil,
Planned on working out daily until,
He became the crowned queen
Of the bodybuilding scene,
And the king of the weightlifting hill.

6 thoughts on “To Paulo, with love: a limerick

  1. the man just wants to eat eat eat
    his tummy has grown he can’t see his feet
    this talk of working out is really a farce
    because he has the worlds largest arse

  2. Ah, the musclebound Brazilian,
    Like a sleight of hand vaudevillian,
    Appears to have disappeared in kind,
    Which is hard to comprehend,
    For including his back end,
    He really shouldn’t be so hard to find!

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