New Rules: Using French in everyday conversation

Since we are a cultured lot here on Project Mayhem we like to use French words occasionally in everyday conversation.  Not only does it demonstrate that we appreciate the finer things in life, like wine, culture and cheese, but it impresses the hell out of the natives and soothes our bruised egos.  Here is an approved list of Project Mayhem French:

  • OUI – even if you’ve never taken high school French, you know that oui means “Yes.”
  • NON – same thing here except it’s the opposite of oui, and that means “No.”
  • MON DIEU – “my God!” as used in this sentence, “Mon Dieu, this TPS report is kicking my ass!”
  • N’EST-CE PAS? – means “isn’t it so,” or “right,” as in “You’re a real jerk, n’est-ce pas?”
  • MERDE – “shit.” Great word to use when you are getting exasperated.  “Merde! I just stubbed my foot on this stupid armoire!”
  • C’EST LA VIE – “such is life.”  As in, “My best friend ran off with my wife, my truck, and my fucking dog.  C’est la vie!”
  • AU NATUREL – “undressed” or in “the natural state.”  Bob:  “Hey, that new intern, I wouldn’t mind seeing her au naturel, non?”  Marge: “You’re a real jerk, n’est-ce pas?”
  • QUELLE HORREUR – “what a horrible thing,” or “how awful!”  Seen in Paris, “Quelle horreur!  Is that American putting ketchup on my quiche?”

5 thoughts on “New Rules: Using French in everyday conversation

  1. There are several variations on “Quelle horreur” such as “Quelle suprise.” (“what a surprise” usually used in an ironic or sarcastic way)

    Oh look, Lindsey Lohan didn’t show up for her DUI court hearing. Quelle surprise.

  2. For some reason, I’ve taken to referring to the men’s room as the “pissoir”, as in “I’m about ready to load this gear in the truck, just let me hit the pissoir first.” It seems to really irritate one of my co-workers, which is probably why I do it.

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